Grahadea Kusuf

Grahadea Kusuf is a producer for Bandung’s pioneering electronica band: Homogenic (now stylized as HMGNC). Involved with electronic music production and synthesizers since his teenage years with Roland MC-303 groovebox and Access Virus Indigo C. His learning method of logical sound design in synths are done through modular environment of the Propellerhead Reason which is now is his main production environment, along with Ableton Live and Native Instruments Maschine. Now he’s an endorsee for Behringer’s flagship synthesizer: Deepmind 12, Crave and 808 inspired RD-08 Rhythm Designer.

Grahadea is also serving as a Founder/CEO of Kuassa, a pro-audio DSP plug-in company for record engineers, and musicians. Kuassa is the only plug-in coming from Indonesia, and one of the handful across Asia in the western dominated audio software market, while 99% of their market coming mainly from abroad. Kuassa products have won numerous of awards both from international publications (Asia-Pacific ICT Awards, Intellectual Property Awards from Ministry of Law of Republic of Indonesia, Computer Music Performance Awards, Musictech, AudioFanzine) as well as being intensively by many top producers, DJs, musicians, engineers, and composers.

Since 2019, Grahadea is also serving as head coordinator for Startup Bandung, a community of 200+ Tech Startup founders based in Bandung, Indonesia. 

Queensland University of Technology

Special Project : Australia Awards Short-Term Award
Field of Study : Business & Management for Tech Enabled Start-ups
Dates Attended or Expected Graduation : 2016 – 2016
Activities and Societies : Australia Awards Indonesia
Taking Business to the Next Level : A course for leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators of technology-enabled start-ups.

  • Delivered by Queensland University of Technology. Highlighted objectives of the program are Identify how to connect businesses with market opportunities, use support networks, and leverage existing business networks, Improve the pitch and investment proposal to attract investors.
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)

Degree Name : MBA
Field of Study : Business Administration and Management, General
Dates Attended or Expected Graduation : 2008 – 2010

Activities and Societies: Commonroom Network Foundation ( E-Club SBM-ITB KVR Audio Developers ( Java User Group Indonesia ( OpenSolaris User Group Indonesia (

Universitas Katolik Parahyangan

Degree Name : Bachelor
Field Of Study : International Relations and Affairs
Dates Attended or Expected Graduation : 2000 – 2005

Globalization and ICT Revolution, Copyleft and Open Source

Work Experience
Care Coordinator

Company Name : Startup Bandung Apprenticeship
Dates Employed : Apr 2019 – Present
Employment Duration : 1 yr 9 months
Location : Bandung Area, West Java, Indonesia

A band of Bandung-based founders of Tech-Startup companies, ecosystem players, and stakeholders with proven track record and impact to the world. Startup Bandung Community gives the opportunity for founders to expand their network, share, and contribute to society on a higher scale with the power of collective coopetition among its members.

Co-Founder, CEO

Company Name : Kuassa, Full-time
Dates Employed : Apr 2009 – Present
Employment Duration : 11 yrs 9 months
Location : Bandung Area, West Java, Indonesia

Taken from

Grahadea Kusuf: Our CEO, responsible for all business and administrative duties within Kuassa. Used to design GUIs singlehandedly, but nowadays one half of the design duo alongside Bez. He plays synths, composes, and produces for Bandung electropop band Homogenic.

Music Producer

Company Name : Homogenic, Self-Employed
Dates Employed : Dec 2002 – Present
Employment Duration : 18 yrs 1 month
Location : Bandung

Homogenic is an electronic music group from Bandung, Indonesia. Preferred to be called as a fellowship rather than a band, Homogenic is a party of three with the combination of their own uniquely strong individualities gathered in the same vision in music. Homogenic (same pronounced in English or Bahasa) began their story in 2002 from only 2 women with the same visions and ambitions until the one and the only guy joined and completed it all. Homogenic itself inspired by the world’s best-known Icelandic musician, Björk, without trying to imitate her style or tunes.

Formed by Dina Dellyana (rhythm programming, vocoded vocals, synths, PCM piano, guitar) and Grahadea Kusuf (analog synths, computer sequencing programming), Risa Saraswati (then replaced by Amandia Syachridar) (vocalist), their music created not only by the influence of music but also the influence of emotions and beautiful living things in the world, whole packaged in electronic pop.

Homogenic just trying to simplify electronic music with slightly female voice pop then blend it with a bit drum and bass and IDM, the result is a sweet electronic pop tune that might be and could be listened by broad ears without being labeled as a piece of segmented music yet a majority pop. Essentially, they lived between two different worlds and happy for being there. Their eclecticism always longing to find its greatest, in a hail of lush melodies, playful instruments, and stuttering beats.

Community Development Officer

Company Name : PT. Sun Microsystems Indonesia, Full-time
Dates Employed : Sep 2005 – Jan 2008
Employment Duration : 2 yrs 5 mos
Location : Greater Jakarta Area, Indonesia

  • Responsible for developing and managing strategic programs for Sun Microsystems’ technology outreach programs(Java, OpenSolaris, OpenOffice, MySQL, and OpenSparc) within communities of education, developers, dan trainers to increase Sun Microsystems Mindshare in Indonesia. At that time, I have successfully managed Java User Group Indonesia(JUG-ID), initiated the development of OpenSolaris User Group Indonesia (OSUG-ID), and increased Sun Microsystems Indonesia Mindshare and community support by 300% within 2 years(2005-2007).

Business Development and Mkt.Comm Staff

  • Responsible for coordinating and implementing Business Development programs and Marketing
  • Communications efforts. Including Open Source deployment, strategic program developments,
  • Blue Ocean Market, and Government Relations in Indonesia. At that time, our team has successfully built a strategic relationship with the Government of Indonesia to elaborate “Open Source Movement for the Nation” and Blue Ocean market penetration to the Education sector in Indonesia.
Business Development
Business Strategy
Project Management

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